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July 2013

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Do you sleep alone or share your room with your brother or sister?

Every child is different, and every family is a universe, but many parents experience said that children sleep better when they share a room with their older brothers. But what about the older brother?.

When they enter adolescence, tenneagers give a lot of importance to their own space.

In Ros, we don´t only look at design furniture, quality, functionality, furniture and many other things. We also consider the changes that arise in the growth of children and  we offer different solutions: Bunk beds, train beds, folding beds, endless possibilities to share space and at the same time made the kids feel that they are within their own space. We show a summary of the solutions we can offer:


Meeting our workers: Eulalia Ingla Martí

Eulalia Ingla Martí

This time we had the pleasure to talk with Eulalia Ingla Martí, who has been working in Ros 18 years.


“Eulalia Ingla Marti, 53 years”.

Department and position within the company?

“Moving and collect lumps, for collection of pieces, sliding doors etc ..”

Objectives and challenges of your department?

“Improving logistics to make our work more efficient.”

When you started working for Ros, which were your objectives, expectations?

“I wanted to find a stable job, as it has been, and grow further and made a career.”

Have you got that?


How would you like to see the company in 10 years?

“Bigger and with more employers. It would be very good for this area.”

How do you combine your work with your personal life?.

“You get used to the schedule and combine work perfectly with my personal life.”

basket colonies, changer cover, cushions, duvets, games, lamps, Mini cribs, ros textile, savers, sheets, travel changer

Ros Textile launches its new catalog

Is called “Ssshhh” and comes loaded with new features: Mini cribs, travel changer, changer cover, basket colonies, sheets, duvets, savers, games, cushions, lamps.

Today we present you the new collections:

Giraffe Collection, is an evolution of our successful previous collection, pastel colors for greater harmony. Available in orange and green.

Collection Cuore. Now in beige and pink.

Little dreams; also available in beige, blue, orange and pink.

Farfalle, evolution of our successful line butterflies, new design and now available in beige and purple.

Starts, for your baby and his/her journey through the Milky Way, dreaming, available in light blue.

You can see the full catalog at

"Ssshhh"new catalog from Ros Textil...Coming soon

“Ssshhh”new catalog from Ros Textil…Coming soon

We have the new catalog from Ros Textil: It is called “Ssshhh”. It will be published in the coming days.

“Suddenly one feels, thinks, imagines… an emotion, a fancy, a beat takes our breath away 
and we know that nothing will ever be the same. At this very moment that a new life blooms, words give way to intuition. The same intuition that led you so far, will now single out the best. 

We wish to share with you this outburst of sensations”.
Kind + Jugend, Ros Furniture will be in Cologne´s fair

Ros Furniture will be in Cologne´s fair, KIND + JUGEND

With trends and innovations for your success! For trade visitors only.The fair Kind + Jugend, annual event that takes place in the German city of Cologne.
This is the queen of the fairs in Europe. It will be held from the 19th to 22th of September.
We will be in Hall 10.1 
Stand G-20-H29.  You can see more fair´s information on its website