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June 2013


It’s time to redefine beautiful

Foto de Jade Beall
Natural as life itself;  the mother´s body.
Without manipulation, photoshop or retouching programs.

That is the proposal offered by the American artist, Jade Beall. The body of a woman during and after pregnancy as it is.

She began photographing herself when she became pregnant, then arose the project  ‘A beautiful body Project’, a journey around the portraits of naked and  pregnant women, or after giving birth. A journey whose destination is the transformation of a woman’s body after motherhood.

A social cure of beauty perception, in the words of the same Beall.
When can babies start sleeping through the night?

When can babies start sleeping through the night?

Elite Convertible Crib

When babies are able to sleep through the night and when they actually do are often very different things. Some infants as young as 3 months old can snooze for six to eight hours at a stretch. Others won’t sleep this long until they’re 12 months. But most babies (70 percent) do sleep through the night by the time they hit 9 months, according to the National Sleep Foundation.You may have heard that bigger babies and babies who eat solids are better sleepers — but it’s not true. Your baby’s ability to sleep through the night is related to age, not size or diet.

Conversion of convertible crib in bed

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Watch, enjoy and respect. World Environment Day

Foto de N.S.B. “La Adrada, Ávila, Spain”

Today is The World Environment Day, this year has the theme: “Think, eat,  and save”, a campaign to reduce waste and food loss.

We just say, look, enjoy and respect.

We remenber that Ros Furniture has participed in the project
 EcoInnovation CONVERTIBLE COT-BED Project. Pioneering project in Spain, where Ros1 and another four companies (not from the furniture industry), carried out a study with the CENFIM, Centre of Technological Diffusion of Fusta i Moble de Catalunya, the USC University of Santiago de Compostela and the ICTA, L’Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals. A laborious project, focusing on the environmental study on the life cycle of a convertible crib bed, in the case of Ros1. The study covers the life cycle of production of the convertible crib bed, including energy consumption and production of various elements used in its manufacture.

Also we
use biodegradable paint. Two-component polyurethane varnishes to water produced and sold by ICA Spa. These varnishes are the result of technological innovation project by LIFE, funded by the European Commission for its important efforts in environmental protection.

Bassinet, cots

For how long the bassinet?

For how long the bassinet?

The bassinet can be used until the childddoes not have enough space, usually its use is limited to the third or fourth month of the baby.
Today is recommended that babies stay in the  parents room for longer, up to 4 or 5 months., and be close to the mother, so breastfeeding becomes easier overnight.

These are recommendations
that every family should assess whether the behavior is right for them. There are parents who can not sleep because they are very aware of the baby, in which case it is recommended to pass the baby to his room before the time mentioned.


The cots can also be used from the start or pass the baby when you have outgrown the bassinet. Usually this happens around the third or fourth month, depending on the size of the baby and bassinet.