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December 2012


Ros Solidarity donates blankets

On a cold winter, Ros Solidarity responds with warmth and above all with love to the needy.

This week we have donated blankets to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Spain, UNHCR, the UN Agency for Refugees.

Arranging the baby's room

Arranging the baby’s room

A toy box or set of drawers that you child is able to open and close himself. 

Choose something within the child’s reach so that he or she can reach into it easily and use it for playing games.

A small children’s bookcase with the books arranged showing their covers and not their spine. He can thus choose and look at them himself.

A little table and one or two little chairs for painting and drawing.

A coat stand on which your child can hang up his clothes or pyjamas.

Source: Mustella


Rooms for young people

Economic rooms with high design. If you want to buy a room for a teenager, before buying, we have to ask him/her.
Listen first our teenagers, their tastes, and them ,we make a budget according to what we can spend.
For a young, his/her bedroom is his/her world. A place that has to be in harmony with
his/her personality and tastes. As for the price. The decision rests with the parents.
We have therefore to reach a compromise between what we want to spend, and original modern design and a good quality furniture. Ros Furniture offers a perfect range for good prices and quality. Look functional furniture that optimizes the use of space.

Baby’s essentials in the baby´s room

 Furniture  Ros Crib

A crib with an adjustable bed base so you can adjust the height is the most practical. So that while baby is very small you will not have to lean right over the bed to put him or her to bed. Do not forget to install a padded cot bumper to prevent baby from hitting himself against the bars.
For the first months of your baby’s life, a cradle can also come in handy: smaller than the crib, it makes baby feel safe. And most babies love to be gently rocked before falling asleep! You can also choose a reducer that enables reducing the amount of space in a bed which is too big for a newborn baby.

Ros textil

A musical mobile hung above the bed which will help your child get sleepy.
A chest of drawers and/or wardrobe to put away their belongings.
A changing table or mat installed on the chest of drawers, next to which you can store all the necessary items for baby’s nappy changing and wash routine: nappies, wipes or cotton pads, cleansing water or lotion, barrier cream, etc.
And possibly, an armchair or sofa where you can sit comfortably for breastfeeding your baby or give him his bottle.