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April 2012

desk, shelves

World Book Day. You need a good desk and shelves for your books!!

Ros furniture mades shelves and desks adaptable for every type of space, and where your books will feel at home.

We remenber today is The World Book and Copyright Day (also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Days) is a yearly event on 23 April, organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright. The Day was first celebrated in 1995 and in 2012 the UK World Book day was celebrated on March 1, 2012.

furniture Young and gorgeous

Grow up!!

You’re not a kid anymore

You need your own space, your little territory, where you sleep, study, invite your friends, talk on the phone and where you dream.

The modern youth furniture from Ros take into account all young people needs, trends, tastes … How to explain?:

These furnitures are famous by their diversity, innovation and design, aiming for a dynamic and friendly environment with flexible furniture and modern decoration.

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Where Children Sleep

When photographer James Mollison was asked to do a project on children’s rights,

He found himself thinking back to his childhood bedroom and the deep importance it played in his upbringing. Taking that idea with him around the world, he photographed a diverse cross section of children and the bedrooms they call home. His moving images remove the children from their home environment, showing them before a neutral background that mostly hides their economic status as if to say “kids are just kids.” Only when their bedroom is observed, however, does the full scope of their living situation become poiniently clear. Where Children Sleep, a beautiful hardcover book featuring 112 color photographs is now available from
Source:  visual news