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January 2012

Folding and Bunk bed

3rd Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition. Folding and Bunk bed

Bunk bed coming out of the closet. We present the bunk folding bed integrated in a sliding door wardrobe. We show  you the composition for the fair. The bottom bunk bed is a folding bed while the top is a wardrobe with sliding doors. A furniture designed to save space, a functional furniture with a modern design.

The new of baby bedding

3rd Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition. Ros Textile. The new of baby bedding

The new of baby bedding  from Ros Textile is our new line “Pet”, soon we will decide what name we give to our Pet. I comes with earth tones that bring harmony for our baby´s rest. Our pet is the guardian angel of our baby´s  dreams.
Ros Textile is the perfect complement to your child furniture. In different designs, colors and finishes, bedspreads, duvets, protectors, game pads, bags, vanity, all woven with care and with high quality fabrics for the well being of your baby and your children.

An alive furniture

3rd Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition. Ros´fantasy

An alive furniture. A furniture with a range of fantasy finishes; fresh, stylish & elegant and will bring a warm feeling to your bedroom.
Close your eyes, imagine your furniture speaks, smiles, it visits other cities taking you there, it draws asymmetrical mazes. A furniture that makes you imagine, fly, travel and dream. A furniture with life.
Ros presented at the Zaragoza´s its fantasy finishes. A picture is worth ten thousand words.

Folding beds

3rd Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition. Folding beds

Folding beds built in wardrobes with sliding doors and desks. We have the composition where the folding bed comes with wardrobe, sliding door and desktop. what can you do to get more space?

Folding beds designed to save and solve problems of space, a functional and modern design for your furniture.

Literas abatibles integradas en
armarios con puertas correderas
Cama abatible con armario, la puerta
corredera del mismo con escritorio.
Ros invents XXI century Lacquerware

Ros invents XXI century Lacquerware

3rd Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition. We anticipate to our copies.

In Ros Furniture we understand the current crisis: We want to offer cheaper products without sacrificing quality and design, we have created a new line of finishing called “Micro Lac”.

This line is as spectacular, as brightness as the traditional lacquer. Where’s the secret?:
In its preparation. Ros furniture working together with other companies from German, Italian, has researched and developed this revolutionary product that will be presented at the fair in Zaragoza. Born to be a reference for its design as for its economic value.

New line of compact beds

3rd Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition. New line of compact beds

You choose where and how you want the arms.
We have redesigned and developed earlier models, getting more affordable pieces without sacrificing the quality, which has characterized Ros Furniture from the beggining . The result is a new line of compact beds, very flexible, with an unique design and completely adaptable

to any space.
This line comes with desks, wardrobe shoes, new shelves and finishes. Original in design and concept and with a cheerful character for kids furniture.

Is your friend coming to sleep at yours?

3rd Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition. Is your friend coming to sleep at yours?

Skip the rules!

There is no time to lose, you have much to study, do not introduce your friend to your parents. Take him/her straight to your room.

Within the new line of youth bunk beds, Ros presents at the Zaragoza´s fair a bunk bed with two different measures. The upper bed measures 190 x90, and the bottom is a measure for a double bed, 190 x 135. Now you can party in your room with your friends, and none of your friends have to sleep on the floor 😉

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New year new catalog

We present the advance of the next children’s furniture catalog from Ros. As a National leaders in convertible cribs, now we introduce to you what you were expecting, Ros Mini 3 Advance. Once again we offer a strong commitment to quality, space and adaptation to new homes. The greatest surprise in this catalogue, is the new convertible crib “Trans-former” instead of “a convertible crib”, I would say it is a “interchangeable crib” because of its five possibilities of transformation. Special mention to the air line; cribs, convertibles cribs, cupboards and drawers: a futuristic and spectacular design in the world of children´s furniture. The convertible crib seems to be suspended in the air, reflecting a relaxed and harmonious atmosphera. An asymmetrical structure that rests on a curved line, reflecting simplicity and originality. Another outstanding model is the convertible crib “Elite”, a very economical crib, and super practical in space´s terms, with a design, which is the result of the previous models´ evolution. Ros Mini 3 Advance is an explosion of color and design. We know that every baby is unique, with this catalog you can design a different environment for each baby. Cribs, beds, convertible cribs, cabinets, desks, trays, lamps and accessories … multiple elements that can be combined with more than 46 colors.