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October 2011

If our juvenile furniture were music

If our juvenile furniture were music!!!

If our juvenile furniture were music, it would be indie, pop, rock. Something very different from others.
Viewing our catalog kids Up, suggests a number of genres, scenes, subcultures and stylistic and cultural attributes, characterised by perceived independence from other trends, more comercial and less original. No doubt the music that reflects our furniture is young, fresh, daring and different!

New catalog for children, ros furniture

New catalog for children

You heard it right! We are about to realease our new kid´s catalog. It is full of surprises and we have evolved earlier models.
New finishes, new cribs, new convertibles, new designs.
when will we see the new product in the stores?
Very soon. So far we advance this convertible crib, one of the novelties of our next catalog.