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July 2011

Sleeping arrangements for twin babies

Sleeping arrangements for twin babies

The Convertible Crib: first position
Between diapers, baby bottles, laundry and cleaning, you feel somewhat outdated with your twin babies? So you don’t want to add the problem of sleeping arrangements. Be doubly prepared compared to the arrival of only one baby so everything will be fine at your return from the maternity hospital. To solve the problem of space that could cause the purchase of 2 beds for the twins, ROS puts up for sale after years of investment in research and development a patented product, UNIQUE in the market: The Convertible Crib for Twins. This bed is approved with its special dimensions and enables to have in only one block the two cribs in order to save space for the room. Its removable barrier which slides up completely without having to dismantle the bed creates a sofa position useful as a transition for the twins.
The bed in junior position.
Indeed, this block enables to have two beds 90 * 190 without having to buy a bed base or any other accessories except the mattress.  Revolutionary bed, it will bring happiness for all the parents that are expecting twins, and which are eager to turn space to good account. Click the following link: convertible twins.

Competition IPad Ros & Roll

Ros & Roll gives you an iPad.
Coinciding with the launch of our new social network Ros & Roll, we want to promote our new line of youth furniture, you have the chance to win a IPad.

To participate we want you to made a video. We have uploaded photos in high resolution from our youth catalog “Kids UP”, and our two logos, all you need is to download them from here We just want you to made a video where you show at least 3 photos from the catalog, and our logos at the beginning and the end of the video, the rest of the material that you show in your film is up to you to choose what you want to film: Yourself talking, singing, your neighborhood, your friends, other images, whatever you like. Once editted you have to publish in our network Ros & Roll. Duration: It is up to you. At the beginning of the video, along with the 2 logo, it must appear for at least 5 seconds the text, “Competition IPad Ros & Roll” and below, “

Among the videos which get more votes we will choose a winner. We will not reward the technique or format used, we will reward above all, originality. Good luck to everyone!

Aviso legal.
Los premiados facilitarán a ROS S.A. toda aquella información que ROS1 S.A les solicite sobre la realización y postproducción del video.
El ganador/a será visitado por uno de nuestros representantes para hacerle la entrega del IPAd. Se tomará una foto de la ganadora/o con el cheque, el representante de ROS1 S.A, que publicaremos en nuestras redes sociales y web.
ROS1 S.A. se reserva el derecho de declarar nulos los premios de sus concursos de internet. 
ROS1 S.A. se reserva el derecho  de descalificar aquel corcunsante que falte al respecto a cualquier corcusante o que intente manipular el resultado del concurso.
La sola inscripción de un concursante implica el pleno conocimiento y aceptación total de las bases. Cualquier

falencia, imprevisto, situación de excepción o diferendo será resuelto por el comité ejecutivo, siendo sus fallos 
inapelables y de obligatorio cumplimiento por parte de los involucrados.