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June 2011

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You want the best for your children..We want too

Cuna Élite

We know you want the best for your children, we are aware of it, so every day we try our best to improve our products. We give full priority to furniture´s safety and its materials, design and quality.
We offer affordable prices. All for your children´s welfare.
You can see this in our new products such as the cradle “Elite”, very practical for its size and price. The new catalog of Youth Furniture “Kids Up” Bedrooms adaptable for every type of space that you can have at your home. This catalog has a section of children’s furniture for Kids from four years old, as well we show our senior furniture for young people from 18 years old. The new from our fabric for babies by Ros Textil, “Link, and Twitter Cuore” and its innovative system for fixing, the popular RFS, “Ros Fixation System.”
Ros gives you an iPad

Ros & Roll gives you an iPad

Competition IPad Ros & Roll

Coinciding with the launch of our new social network Ros & Roll, we want to promote our new line of youth furniture, you have the chance to win a IPad.

To participate we want you to made a video. We have uploaded photos in high resolution from our youth catalog “Kids UP”, and our two logos, all you need is to download them from here. We just want you to made a video where you show at least 3 photos from the catalog, and our logos at the beginning and the end of the video, the rest of the material that you show in your film is up to you to choose what you want to film: Yourself talking, singing, your neighborhood, your friends, other images, whatever you like. Once editted you have to publish in our network Ros & Roll. Duration: It is up to you. At the beginning of the video, along with the 2 logo, it must appear for at least 5 seconds the text, “Competition IPad Ros & Roll” and below, “ “

Among the videos which get more votes we will choose a winner. We will not reward the technique or format used, we will reward above all, originality. Good luck to everyone!

Youth bedroom

Discuss the room with your child.

Take a pen and paper and sit down with your child and ask them what they like about their room. Ask them to draw a picture of how they would ideally like it to be, this will often give us a different perspective on what their world is like. Ask your child what they would like in their room to make it easier for them to play and pack away. If you listen carefully then there are bound to be some gems to help you understand where improvements can be made. You will understand what is most important to them and how they like to spend their time in their bedroom


International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggressio

Nor blows nor words that hurt.
The verbal and physical abuse, which are used from hands, belts, whips and even electric cables and logs, are among the most common forms of violence in the family. This follows from the regional consultation on children and adolescents in the context of the recent Global Study of Violence of the United Nations. Despite the “invisibility” of violence in households against children and adolescents, A study estimates that about 40 million children and adolescents between 0 and 14 years suffer from some form of abuse in their families in different parts of world.

There are many ways of abusing a child in the household. Not only through the physical damage, unfortunaly there are another ways of abuses, through neglect and psychological abuse. This is given by the coexistence between people of different ages and sexes are based on a prejudice based on the idea of ​​the legitimacy of unequal treatment towards his fellow men for the simple reason that they have fewer years of age.

Do not forget, however, that violence is done not only from adults to children: In schools have been an increase in violence among children and adolescents to their peers and to their teachers, who would be offset from the beginning by the society and the education authorities.

Source: dnicostarica
convertible crib

More reasons to buy a convertible crib

Our new houses and flats today are smaller than before That is why we design multi-functional furniture for children, so that it can cover more than one need with a single piece of furniture or a composition that uses the space available. For example, a bed can accommodate large drawers in an area often missed, or there are cribs that can be transformed into a small bed to remain useful as the child grows..