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March 2011


Iris. Stripes Finish

The decoration with stripes gives us an original and striking touch to any room. There are plenty of choices with Ros Furniture. You can find more about our finishes on our website

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High technology and commitment

People from Muebles Ros with Homag´s tecnhicians.
People from Ros: Lluis Mora (Engineering Director), Ramon Chandre (Chief Mechanic), Carles Rodriguez (Head of TPM), and Enrique Ros (COO) have been in Homag, a German company, where they are manufacturating two new machines for

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ROS1 S.A., which we will talk about in the next days. This is an investment for more than one million euros.

An good example of engagement and commitment to technology, which is the policy company in Ros.

Young rooms .. minimal design.

 Muebles Ros Kids UP

Think about it when you’re choosing a design theme for your children´s room

Why not select a minimum design theme to make the room appears more spacious. Be careful in choosing a topic, this is important for your child. Why not leave them to chose?


New catalog

New catalog on our website

Now you can see the new youth catalog “Kids Up” with all sorts of details on our website.

The complete catalog it is also available to download in a pdf file. You can see everything at here.
International Women's Day 2011

International Women’s Day 2011

Congratulations to all
Dedicated to our couples, our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and especially to all those women who suffer any kind of gender violence. This day commemorates the struggle of women for their participation on an equal rights with men in society and their full development as a person. Is a national holiday in some countries.
Kids Up

They are here! The photos of the new Ros´ furniture catalog

You can see in our blog all the photos from the new Ros catalog. Kids Up
The catalogue will be next week in the stores and issued with all details in our web. Ros Group follows the latest young trends and adapts them to our kids’ rooms. Bedrooms are well adaptable to every type of space. Beds, nests, sofas, compact beds, writing desks,wardrobes, shelves; a large collection of children’s furniture by Ros Group.
It is new the introduction on this catalog of children’s furniture for children from four years old, as well we show our senior furniture for young people. We followed the latest youth trends and adapting them to the desktops of our bedroom, chic @ s. Bedrooms adaptable to all types of space. Bedding, nests, sofas, compact, desktop, compact, closets, bookshelves, a large repertoire of juvenile furniture furniture