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January 2011


The latest fron Ros in The International Babycare Fair

Furniture Ros has several developments in The International Babycare Fair.
The new model of children’s furniture, the crib called “Air”, a futuristic and spectacular design.
The cradle appears to be suspended in the air, reflecting a relaxed and harmonious environment for the baby. Asymmetric structure which rests on a curved line.


This model has our new metallic finishes, silver, gold and green. We have also introduced new furniture Textile finishing.
We also show a new crib with shelves, functional, practical and modern.
Another new model is the cradle “Elite”, named like this not for being a very economical and practical crib, with a punique design of Ros.

Ros furniture also display a line of low beds for children age 4 to 10 years. Also convertible beds, from cradles to sofas that can not be overlooked, as the cradle for twins.


Our line of textile Ros has several new features. Four new lines; Link, Twitter, Bip Bip and Cuore. Different from one to another but with several common denominators; modern and original. Textiles made with affection, love, and high quality fabrics for the well being of your baby.


Ros Textil Linea Bip Bip



The International Kids Fair in Valencia. What’s New from ROS?

If you can not visit The International Kids Fair in  Valencia? Do not worry.

Visit our blogs and social networks this week, there you will be the first to discover the new products which we will present at the Kids Fair, The Fair takes place in Valencia from the 21st until the 23rd of January.

We have surprises in our children’s line, new finishes, new forms, unique and original. We have prepared something very special.

We also present our new line of textiles.

During the fair, we will update you with the lastest news from he International Kids Fair, through interviews, photos and short videos, and not only with what we do in Ros, we will talk about The Fair in general too.

Don´t miss it?. Visit our blog.



CERO A CUATRO (ZERO TO FOUR), the INTERNATIONAL BABYCARE FAIR is the new title for a unique commercial platform staged in Spain where both Spanish and international professionals have the opportunity to show the latest travel systems for babies, nursery furniture, light babycare products, textile items, layette and early learning toys. Whilst the fair is still retaining the Zero to Four element, its name changes from 2010 to the International Babycare Fair in order to identify it more closely with its target audience.

Ros will present its new furnitures and textiles for children, it will also feature the latest children’s catalog “Ros Mini 2“.

You can see some photos of what will be the spectacular Ros´ stand.
Youth bedroom

Youth bedroom. Good Advices!

In a child’s room two important things should be taken into account: study and sleep.

Adapt a space for your children to study and do homework easily, without distractions, so they can focus easily.

For good sleeping, place the bed against the facing door. A wooden headboard will make your child feel protected. Remember that good sleeping and rest will made your children to grow up healthy and strong.