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November 2010

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Meet Saray Camats CQI Continuous Improvement Department

Saray Camats
CQI Continuous Improvement Department

Saray Camats has been in our company 15 years. She currently leads the Department of continual improvement. She recently spent two months in France. Learning “continuous improvement systems” implemented by a French Company called SALM. I asked her about her functions in the department and for her experience in France. 

¿Tell us about The Continuous Improvement Department?

“Well, continuous improvement is a concept which aims to improve products, services and processes. There are many different methods; the basic, the fundamental, and where an organization must start its 5S. And you wonder what the 5 s is? … 5S is a Japanese management technique based on five basic principles. Toyota began in 1960 with the 5s, and with the aim of achieving better organized workplace, more orderly and cleaner on a permanent basis to achieve higher productivity and better working environment. 5S have been widely published and there are many different kinds of organizations that apply this concept. The reason called 5S, is for each of the 5 steps with start all with S in Japannese. Each S has a goal but you should always have a consensus, understanding and contribution to the group “

You have recently spent two months learning “continuous improvement systems” in France ?

“Yes. We contacted with a French company that manufactures kitchen furniture. It is the most important in French. It’s called “SALM”, best-known as “Cuisines Schmidt”, it has stores worldwide, including Spain. “

How did this happen?
French village of Kaysesberg
“Well, our management team really believes in continuous improvement, any organization with the intention to progress and grow should know that without the continuous improvement can not go anywhere. The French company already had The Continuous Improvement Department since15 years ago, and thanks to our contacts, we were given the opportunity to go to France and learn their methods “in situ”. Working closely with them. It was a only requirement: ” Written and spoken French.”

Was the language a problem?
“Well, a lot of sacrifice. When Enric Ros, in February 2010, told me of going for 2 months in France, and “work” in  SALM … I did not hesitate a second … I said “YES!”. I was taking French classes 7 hours a week outside work, and 4 or 5 more hours at home, movies, news … all in French. I thank to my family for all the help they have given me. My colleagues in SALM, could not believe that I  had begun to study French in February. (I was there during September and October). They also valued very much my day to day improvements and my willingness to improve it.
Saray with some colleagues from SALM

What things would yo bring or implant from SALM to ROS??
“Little by little … a lot. We’re talking about a very strong and advanced company organization. Everything has a procedure and everyone knows it. I liked the Troubleshooting system at all levels and one thing that fascinated me is their motto: “We want to be the best, win together, respecting. One of the bases of continuous improvement is to professionalize the human resource of the company. Who knows better the workplace within the workers’ workplace in question?. “

On a personal level, what do you you thinks this experience has given to you?
Saray´s farewell dinner in France.
“You grow as a person, both as a professional  and  as a person. Professionaly your mind is open to a new world,  based on the organization, human resource, something in which I have always believed. It enriches you personally. You learn to relativize things. Test passed! “.

Goals and challenges for the department?
“The goal is clear, we know where we go. Now we develop the “ CQI Plan of Action.” Define goals at all levels and begin to “work together to be the best …” I would say a friend in the SALM: “Saray,  who plans,  moves forward!!.”

When did you start working at Ros,  which were your  expectations?
“My expectations have always been continuous learning. In France, one of my colleagues said I was a sponge and always asking “the right questions”. I’ve always been a very restless, and never been afraid of challenges. “

Did your expectations meet?
“Yes. Indeed, there are a lot of effort and hard work. Many falls quickly traced. Although the latter experience for me, and so far, it has been the greatest.
I sincerely thanks to “Ros” for their confidence  placed in me and SALM for how much they I have helped. We can say that my colleagues in SALM, often told me how lucky I was.

How would you like to see the company in 10 years?

We will work together to be the best …” I think we have a very good opportunity for improvement. Our product works, our human resource, our people work hard and we all want to improve,  with better systems and more organized. “.

How do you combine your work with your personal life?
I am very kucky to share my life with someone who really shares, not just a contributor. That makes it easier to combine work and family life. “

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What is a convertible crib and why?

Convertible crib from  Ros

Children grow very fast and suddenly they dont fit have in their cribs.
So we have to buy a bed and get rid of the crib. The cradle is very often new and beautiful, but when the baby grows and if you don´t have more children, it won´t be more useful and we have to keep it way. However there is a solution for this; buy a convertible crib and then turn it into bed.

This furniture will not only provide a rest area, also a dresser and a changing practice. In the upper right we have three boxes. These are very useful for storing blankets, linens and other bedding. The exchanger consists of two parts: the area to put the baby while changing the baby clothes and diapers. This padded for the child´s comfort and has high edges to prevent falls. Under the changing table we have a chest of drawers to have on hand everything necessary for changing clothes. The cradle has a secure handrail for the child to stand up and not fall.

Bed from Convertible crib from  Ros

If we want to convert the crib into a bed, we just have to separate the cabinet drawers and remove the changer. All is done without great difficulty. The cabinet has a system to run out and get the mattress and the crib expands to the size of a conventional bed. We just have to change the mattress and remove the rail. The drawers in the cabinet retain their place, and you can put the drawers beside the bed, making the role of bedside table.

Source: MercadoLibre

Casa Decor

Casa Decor Began

Yesterday began one of the most important Decorations Manufacturers Festival in Europe; Casa Decor.

As we  previously announced, Furniture Ros is in the festival. Yesterday I went to the festival just a few hours before the oppening; nerves, finishing touches and last minute changes. There was a feeling of a “great oppening” in the air.
Ros presents its famous convertible cribs, and youth furniture. Our space is shared with the textile brand called “Textura”.
I have attached a few photos of our room preparation. I promise you to put more photos in my next visit. The Festival is until the 8th of December.