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September 2010

BEBE NEUF, muebles ros

Ros Furniture in the BEBE NEUF children’s furniture private Fair

Ros Furniture will be on the BEBE NEUF children’s furniture private Fair, hosting by the prestigious French brand BEBE NEUF .
Where the brand’s 185 stores and all suppliers will present their innovations. Ros will show an exclusive product designed for Bebe Neuf, and an exhibition of their latest children’s furniture.
The fair takes place in the Fr

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ench city of Bordeaux , from the 24th to the 26th of September.

Kind + Jugend, muebles ros

Review Children’s furniture fair “Kind + Jugend” in the city of Cologne

From left to right, Enric Ros (COO),
Josep Vidal (commercial director) and Ramon Fill (purchasing manager).
As we advanced, Ros´ambassadors went last weekend to the most famous fair in childcare in Europe “Kind + Jugend” in Cologne, these are some of their comments:

They were surprise by the high level of furniture at the fair, which was not common in previous editions.
Our commecial manager, Josep Vidal, highlights a process of modernization on children furniture, perhaps as a result of the crisis, an attempt to show something new to the final consumer. Martin Geretto, Ros designer, highlights the highh presence of white colors and the introduction of metallic materials in furniture to children.

You can view information on the exhibition on its website

Kind + Jugend

Kind + Jugend. Best Children’s furniture fair in Europe

If we have to mention one children’s furniture fair in Europe, we must speak of Kind + Jugend. An annual fair that takes place in Cologne, Germany.

Representatives from Ros come this weekend at the fair in Cologne to see the latest trends, materials and designs in children´s furniture.
You can view information about the fair in its website
Next Monday will post photos and impressions from our representatives.

Ros Group launches its new website the next Tuesday 14 th of September.

Ros Group faithful to its commitment of overcoming launches its new website the next Tuesday 14th of September.

This site not only expects to be a showcase for our products, we also expect to be closer to our customers through this site. Interacting with you in our social networks, letting you know our business, how we work, introduce you our employees, and have a good time with you. You will find the site from nest Tuesday at

Convertible cribs, kids furniture, Ros Mini 2

Ros Mini 2. Release of the new children’s furniture catalog from Ros.

Today we release the new children’s furniture catalog from Ros.
Furniture Ros surprises again with a line of children furniture full of originality, wa strong commitment to quality, space and adaptation to new homes. Special mention should be made into a new product: a sofa convertible cribs, unique in the market, this is a new product approved by Ros Furniture.
Ros Mini 2  brings a unique and personal design that has characterized Furnitures Ros in the past.

You can see the catalog on this video or see the pictures from here.