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August 2010

Kids Up (Advance). Young Furniture. 2010-11 COLLECTION

Kids Up (Advance). Young Furniture. 2010-11 COLLECTION

Kids Up (Advance). Young Furniture. 2010-11 COLLECTION

A preview of the “Kids Up” catalogue, the new collection of children’s
bedrooms by Ros Group. Superb bedrooms and writing desks for youths which
accept a variety of finishes and colours. The greatest decision to
develop positive environments for the personal development and
academic success for our children. Ros Group follows the latest young
trends and adapts them to our kids’ rooms. Bedrooms are well adaptable
to every type of space. Beds, nests, sofas, compact beds, writing desks,wardrobes, 

shelves; a
large collection of children's furniture by Ros Group
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Convertible cribs, cribs and nursery furniture. Ros Mini Catalog.

A delicate environment, where space and harmony is cared, is what you wish for your baby and children´s rooms. Ros Group cares about this environment in its last baby furniture catalogue. An excellent collection of cribs, dressers, beds, wardrobes and accessories for
your babies´ room.  Ros  group, with its long experience in the world of childcare, is for sure the sensible choice for your baby. Who does not know our convertible cots? When your child is a baby we offer you a cot, with its drawers, its changing table and shelves and when your

baby becomes a child, the cot becomes a bed with a writing desktop too. As you can see Ros group grows with your children.

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Costumer tips

When we talk about children and youth furniture, we have to take into account the environment and the space, and the furniture´s adaptation to small spaces, which is the case of many homes today.  Our worry is to design free environments in small spaces. In 1974, Mr R.H. Smith already warned that larger spaces in children´s rooms favor greater motor activity in children, activate their creative,  behavior,  physical contact and  their verbal communication.
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Porotex-plus. Design in your forniture

The finished design for your furniture is called porotex-plus, material whis is the result of years of study by Muebles Ros, giving this new product as a result of cutting-edge design, a unique product in the market.

Porotex-plus is a new product of high quality. Unique in design and components, which results in an artistic texture on the surface, showing and leaving open pores.
Porotex-plus is available in a wide range of color, in both lines; youth  furniture and in our children’s furniture line.
Porotex-plus response to innovation, improvement and search for high finishes in the world of design furniture.
opens the door to a new way of looking at the furniture.