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Decorating a youth bedroom

It is important that teenagers choose their own bedroom and the accesories. 

It is normal that you and your son don’t like the same furniture or the same tastes about everything. But you have to listen them and reach an agreement. 

Teenagers pass lot of time at their bedroom, and they bring friends at home. For this reason it is important to have a pull out bed, because you don’t need another bedroom if you have guests. 

As they grow up, they use more cosmetic products and decoration. They will need space, so  furniture, shelves or simplement boxes for managing space and save things will be necessary

If you and your son reach an agreement, you will see that it has been a good decision. 

Trends are changing very fast, but if you choose a multifunctional bedroom, you will love it, and after, your son will decorate it at the way he want. 

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What all first-time mother should know

This precious moment has arrived, you are pregnant for the first time. You
feel ilusion, happiness and very eager to have the baby in your arms.
But you have lot of doubts, like all first-time pregnants. Yes, all
pregnants feel frightened about symptoms: what they mean? We want the best for
you, and it will be the best.
We want to explain you all the symptoms and what they are saying to you.
The first weeks you will feel tired and with little energy. They are he
most common signs.
The increase of the hormones, cause swelling during the firsts weeks of
gestation. Also, the imbalances in your body will lead to slowdown of your
intestine transit, this might lead constipation.
Your sensibility toward smells will increase. You will refuse some smells
or aliments.
For knowing more symptoms you should contact to your doctor. You can ask to
your friends or parents that know about this theme for helping you.

But take time to settle down,it will be great!

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Reduce crying on the nursery

Our kid grows up and it’s time to go to the nursery. The first day is normal that baby
begin to cry. We want the best for our kids: meet new friends, enjoy the time
on the nursery.
But to avoid crying every day, there exists some advices that will help him lot of
things like: is a good place, and he or she should not to cry because mum and
dad will go for him later
For example, we have to tell him the reason because is there, what he will do and with who. 
We have to familiarize him to the nursery and with other babies. Also, is good
entry with him at the nursery the first time.
We keep in mind that go to the nursery is good for babies: they develops the apprenticeship
with affective and mentally games and activities. 
All these activities will influence on the autonomy of the babies and they will explore their around, meeting new friends.

So, let’s start on the nursery school?

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The clothes hamper will not be a problem

Fuente: Bruguer
Sometimes we want a clothes hamper for our bedroom, because we have clothes laying around. 
This will not be a problem, because we want to tell you a DIY for doing a clothes hamper
It’s easy to do: transform a metal cube to a clothes hamper. Let’s begin!
We need an spray, you can choose your favourite color. For decorating we will need stickers(different forms and colours). 
First, we have to take out all things that doesn’t like us, like loops. 
You have to paste the stickers on the cube (put them as you want). 
After, we have to cover with paper, carton or plastic the space on we want to paint
Begin to paint with the spray on the cube and after dry. (You will have to do two coats of paint). Take out the stickers and finish! 
You already have a clothes hamper done and decorated with yourself. 
Do you like it?
Idea: Bruguer
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Drawers on a compact bed


Sometimes we think about how to manage the space on our room. One of the best solutions is buying a compact bed with drawers, because we will have a compact bed and storage at the same furniture.We save space: unintentionally we not buy a buck.

It’s modern: our bedroom have got a juvenile and a modern aspect.Is comfort: we could save lot of things, because drawers are wide and allows us to use them. 

In adittion, we could choose the favourite color, the handle and the bed model: with drawers, with drawers and a pull out bed… ¿Do you like it?

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Motivate kids for doing homework

It is important make children want to realize their homework. It is a very important moment of the day and we know that kids are tired, but they should do it. 
To encourage them, the bedroom should be pleasant and appropiate. Must not be a place of passage and must not have distractions, but they have to like it. 
Before beginning the homework, we have to know when is the perfect moment for doing homework: until they arrived of school or after a few minutes. It depends of their productive time or eagerness to study. Doing homework always at the same time will create them an habit. 
We have to encourage them and organize homework with kids. For this reason we have to tell them how to estructurate the time: first the homework that don’t like and after subjects which like more. 
Having a pleasant space for doing homework will motivate them

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Youth bedrooms with bunk bed

Lot of parents are asking themselves how to save space in a bedroom, because kids want large bedrooms and choose them their own furniture.

But there are lots of bedrooms there is no space for two beds, so what we could do?

A bunk bed is a good solution: is comfortable, secure and pretty.

Furniture Ros have variety of bunk beds. Bunk beds are versatile and with characteristics that allows cover all needs.

Bunk beds with drawers and with a pull out bed for visits.

The bunk bed can go with a desk and with a wardrobe set. And don’t hesitate, you can choose the color, the design and the  measure you want for it.

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Bedrooms for babies

There are parents that wish not to know the sex of their baby until the birth, but they
have to buy a bedroom. 
It does not serve blue for boys and pink for girls, so
we want a bedroom that is the same for two sexes.
Nowadays there are lot of colours, so we can bring to our baby the best
bedroom ever.
We can use white colours that give us a feeling of purity, sweetness and peace. Brown colors
are used too. They are modern and gentle. Blue colors are infantile and
With the cribmodels we don’t have any problem: all of them are used for a baby bedroom.
Only we have to choose the colour.
Here’s theinfantile catalog: you can look at it and choose the bedroom you like more.


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The functionality of Ros wardrobes


The wardrobes are very important for all homes: take up space but we can put in it lot of objects. Sometimes our wardrobe became too small and we want some other shelves. 

For this reason Ros wants to help you to adquire the wardrobe of your dreams. Wardrobes could be high, with different designs. 

Also, simple wardrobes: with shelves and a metallic bar. Wardrobes more complete: with drawers inside or with folding beds. A wardrobe for you. 

It’s evident that a product like a wardrobe is very important, and at Furniture Ros we work for you, because we want the perfect furniture, with funcionality and with the design you want. 

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Slider sofa convertible crib, a very functional crib

Is really important look at details when we want to buy our baby bedroom.
At Furniture Ros we want a baby bedroom custom-made for parents and for babies. Bedrooms with functionality, quality and design.
The slidersofa convertible crib is a special furniture because it satisfies all the requirements that one father wishes for his baby: a cot for a 140×40 mattress
with a changing mat and two drawers. But this not finishes here, at the bottom of furniture, there is a pull out bed and two more drawers.
Is perfect: functionality in purest state. Perfect for storing things at any drawer or at one of the shelves on the lateral.
You can choose the color. When the baby will grow up, the crib will grow up with him/her:
it will become a bed for a 190×90 mattress with a pull out bed and two drawers
below, to a bedside table, a desk and a book. A complete bedroom for 18 years
old approximately,
We want the best for you and for your baby. We want to give you options because we want the
perfect, functional and ideal furniture for you